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Four times a year, our newsletter “PetroTrans News” informs you about overall trends in the field of energy logistics, provides insights into companies and innovations in the industry, offers analyses and comments on current developments, particularly in transport by road of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels in addition to lubricants. We also keep a close eye on new developments for the transport sector in politics and society.
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A special exhibition was dedicated to this logistics area for the first time as part of the expo PetroTrans 2018. A forum unique in its kind in Europe for transshipment and transport of liquid gases is already establishing itself in Kassel this year.
What started out as a special exhibition within the expo PetroTrans 2018 has now developed into a genuine “trade fair inside the trade fair”: Between 1st and 3rd October 2020, the expo GasTrans will be adding a pioneering new prospect – transport and transshipment of liquefied gases – to the expo PetroTrans, an industry forum unique in Europe.
 New at expo PetroTrans / expo GasTrans
GOFA Gocher Fahrzeugbau GmbH
GOFA Gocher Fahrzeugbau GmbH (www.gofa.de) is a global-player, market-leading pressurised tanker builder. In the product areas of gas (cryogenic atmospheric gases, combustible cryogenic gases, CO2, LPG and other gases), liquids (chemicals, food) and silo, GOFA has a full range of trailers, semi-trailers, containers and swap containers, in addition to fixed and swap bodies.
Kässbohrer: safe – lightweight – versatile
Under the motto “Enginuity”, Kässbohrer offers its customers first-rate quality vehicles in more than 55 countries with the widest portfolio for efficient and safety transport of foods, hazardous goods and organic wastes. The safe, lightweight tank trailers are equipped with leading-edge technology and can be reliably used for many years even under the most punishing conditions. Furthermore, vehicles are optimised with different volumes and specifications for a range of different requirements.
Theoretically, heating oil traders would have to spend 24/7 in front of the computer and follow the current stock exchange activities in order to keep up with the latest developments in oil prices. With futures services, energy traders rely on a service provider with everything related to parcels. News service, RPI regional price index, settlement prices - these are the keywords with which futures services have made a name for themselves. With this complete package, dealers can stay relaxed and concentrate on day-to-day business.
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